Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day at the Lake without me...added more pics today!

I am in Austin, so my mother's whole side of the family is out at Lake Tyler. Now mind you, that my mother is one of "10" siblings. So, I have a plethora of cousins. I can't even count all of them. They are texting and sending me pictures of what I am missing. :) I miss all of you! and I love all of you! Do y'all MISS ME YET?

Oh yes, the food. Isn't this picture gorgeous. Love the colors. I must use this for something else. Didn't God make our food bright and cheerful!

My Aunt Ruthye, and my Uncle Andy...Andy is only 6 months older than me. I am close to these two people! :)
These are cousins, Kelly, Katie and Christina. Take a look at the left of this picture. It looks like a shark...omg, maybe it is a big is something scarey...omg...what is it?

Another cousin, Duke. He thinks he is a stud... :)

More cousins, Cody and Ben, Uncle Andy on the right.

Andy's son, Chance-yet another cousin...
Cousin Kelly, and Aunt Ruthye...kiss, kiss, love y'all!
Precious Cash Michael...he is my cousin, Kelly's son... she has a son just a tad bit older than my grandson, and she is not very much younger than I. I think she knows how this happens! hehehe, love you Kelly. By the way, he is so proud of his little fish!
More cousins, Jenni and Laura Leigh...cuteness!
Jenni, the camera beauty, and Andy... :) Love this picture!

Aunt Ruthye with my Layton...the sweetest ever...I sure miss being with him!
Cute Jenni again with my favorite candy corn. See how these people are tempting me!
My mothers siblings, Andy, Jeff, Ruthye and Michelle.

Ruthye and Andy cooking breakfast. Yumo!

I think I will have more pictures coming, and I know they are having fun. I will make it to the next Lake run! Promise!

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  1. Jennifer Wood FritzMay 31, 2010 at 8:31 AM

    oh man i didnt make the cut!! ;( ok i put a bunch of photos on mine & andrews Facebooks so i expect to be in the NEXT lake photo post! haha



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