Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My early morning prize...

About 6:45, I saw this amazing sunrise...all of my camera's were in the car, so I took this with my phone. The camera did not do justice on the vivid colors. A mixture of pink, hot pink, and blues...God gives us little prizes, do we take time to even notice? Well, I did today!


  1. Love the snow pictures and sunrise picture. I feel "refreshed"! Thanks Lorri!

  2. Baby, I just wanted to say the I love the truthful fact that you have no fear to express you love for our Lord and Savior! Unlike some people who lie and cheat and steal and have the ethics of a satanic snake - you are God-fearing, truthful, loyal, and honest. Never be afraid to express your love for God. Never fear being truthful and honest. Never fear conducting your professional and personal business ethically.

    While others may question or criticize you and your beliefs, they are the ones who need to fear God and change their evil ways of living.

    I love you. I respect you. And I admire you. You are one of my heroes!



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