Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Monkey SEE, Monkey DO...

The story behind these pics...Layton ran in the door today and immediately put on his glasses. Jason (Boo Boo) has many "readers" that he wears all the time, and he wears them alot on top of his head. He gave Layton these glasses a few weeks ago. Layton keeps these glasses near him all the time. I caught him today with them on top of his head. He constantly goes to my little cabinet where I have my lipstick, and puts on his "juicy fruit" chapstick. He doesn't forget anything!
He came up to me late today and said, "Hey LaLa, you busy, I busy"...
He keeps me laughing! I so needed him today, I have missed him!
He is the best present I have ever received! Thank you God, for my baby boy!

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