Monday, September 20, 2010

New Toy ~ Hello Kindle...

I am confessing now...I purchased this Kindle for Jason today - for Christmas... BUT, I opened, and to my amazement and disbelief, I did the imaginable...I coveted and kept it for me. I did confess this too him...he laughed. I absolutely, love this new toy. It does way more than I would have ever thought. Anyway, I always want to read, I want to relax besides working, and working on the computer. I do not like to hold books... but I like to hold this one!

I bought my first book and it downloaded in minutes. I am reading the one I have had saved on my to do list, it is :

"The Magnificent Obession, Embracing the God-Filled Life" by Anne Graham Lotz.
I sat down with a cup of coffee late today and I cannot wait to read more.

Wonderful book so far.

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