Sunday, October 21, 2012

Shewood Women, Happy Birthday...

Three of my Aunts with my Mother.  My mother is one of "10",
7 girls, 3 boys.
Ruthye on the back left, my mother on the back right,
Lynn on the front left, Lelia on the front right.
Pic taken at the Chocolate Angel, our fav new place in Dallas.
All I can say is, these women were a mess yesterday.  I drove them to Dallas for their
birthdays... Opinionated, God fearing, happy, strong, "Shewood" women.
"Shewood", meaning, confident, strong, and caring.
I am truly blessed for all they contribute to my life. 
I love each of you.
My mother on the left, Lelia in the middle, Lynn on the right.

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