Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happy 71st Birthday Mother...

So, it is  my mother's 71st Birthday today, October 18.  Happy Happy Birthday Mother.  Just a few things I love about my mother.  Memory Lane begins here,
My mother loves  me and I KNOW it.  I think she loves me more than the others'. :) Thats' what they say anyway... lol
My mother always sided with my daddy.  They always won together.  And I did not like this. lol
My mother made delicious meals, and made menu's with construction paper - for us to see each week.  She made money go along way.  Gosh, I miss the fried meals, I can smell it now.
I remember having to share a twinkie with my brother, lol. That's the truth, no waste, no frills.
My mother served dinner at the table every night, with real dinnerware and cloth napkins. Yeppers!
I remember her serving food, family style at the table.  Not helping your plate at the stove.  As if,
My  mother made us clean the house with HER once a week, and she made us make our beds everyday.  Horror, right? :)
My mother has always worn makeup everyday and looked her best. 
My mother reads her Bible and prays and I SEE it.
My mother loves gardening...and she knows how to kill a snake. Yikes!
I remember my mother with her mother.  She loved her mother. Her mother didn't wear makeup. :)
My mother has the best laugh... it is genuine.  Almost a giggle.
My mother is never bored.  She does not even like that word.
I have never heard my mother say a cuss word or drink.  I have certainly failed myself in that area!
My mother cares, she takes "lambs" to people in need.  Yep a "lamb" and its' cute.
My mother is freakin' strong.  If she is in pain, I don't know it.  You know when I am, lol
My mother is the strength of this family.  Absolutely, no doubt there.
My mother is real.  My mother loves my daddy.  Omg... omg...
My mother loves sweets. Oh yes!

I probably left out alot of things I will remember later, but, you get the gest.  My mother is one of a kind and I love her.

So, See ya tonight Mother.  I love you!

So, this pic is from a few months ago.  We were working cattle.  This is one of
our fun days.  Early morning, barely any makeup on me, yuk, but I love
this day! 

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