Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fun Evening with Kids...

Despicable Me...
This is Skye, Rylee and Kennedi, they are my nieces and nephew. They have been here visiting for a few weeks. They are all one year apart. I love these kiddos so much! We went to see Despicable Me late this afternoon. We ate the largest popcorn. Rylee, said, LaLa, do you think you bought too much popcorn? I said, nope. It was gone!

Three peas in a pod, under the fountain.

Skye, Kennedi and Rylee...trying to capture a quick pic...

Rylee, Kennedi, and Skye-posing for pic. :)

Baby Kennedi, ahhhh...precious... she is outspoken, funny and she cuddles... Kennedi, told me tonight, LaLa, you know what? I have only seen grandmother's feet one time... lol

Oldest, Rylee, my heart...firstborn, he is the one that named me "LaLa". I keep telling them, he is the reason Layton calls me "LaLa". I told them, now, you realize, I am Layton's grandmother, Rylee looked at me and said, you are not old enough. Love that boy! hehe...

Middle, Skye Baby. She is the talker, if you want answers, Skye Baby has them. Sweet Heart, sweet girl! :)

We had so much fun. Movie, swimming, eating outside, made chocolate chip cookies, swimming again at night. They were so tired by 9:30 pm. I bet they were asleep in no time.
God is Good. They are good for my soul!

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  1. Cute cute pictures! I'm glad you got to spend some time with them.



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