Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Anniversary Party... :)

This is a day I want to remember, here goes: Mother and Daddy, married July 9, 1960. "50" great years and they are still in LOVE. I have included alot of pics so they can remember who came to the party. I am sure everyone is not in the pics, but I did my best! Fun, fun!

Mother is reading a letter her and daddy wrote to each other at school, way back in middle school, we think...hilarious...

Fabulous Day...they had fun! Food, family, friends, what more can you ask for!


  1. We are so lucky to have good parents and family. Your special, thank you

  2. Lorri - it was a wonderful party. Thank you SO MUCH for hosting it - to honor Terry and Larry and their life together! Love them and YOU too!

  3. It was like Christmas Eve in July! So good to see almost all the family - building memories...Wendy



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