Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Push Ups...

Jason and I took the girls and Layton to Whataburger for dinner. We walked over to Dairy Queen to get Layton an ice cream cone, but they were closed - some sort of water issue, can you believe? By this time Layton is crying for ice cream so we walk to the convenience store, which is right next to Whataburger and the Dairy Queen. They had no Popsicles so I bought him a "Orange Push Up". We went out and sat on the "drive through" bank curb and ate our ice cream. He loved it. What a mess it made, but we got to talk and listen to birds and stomp on bugs and ants. When he saw a dirt pile, Layton told me "I see lots dirt LaLa", I suppose he gets this from me telling him to look at "lots of dirt" on the new Brookshire location on Old J'ville Hwy. This brought back memories when the ice cream truck would drive through the neighborhood and we would all run as fast as we could. It brought back memories of being outside, hot, but just doing nothing. I thought it was actually fun. (I told Jason, now this is redneck, when you walk from fast food to fast food).

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