Thursday, August 23, 2012

What a Pair...

In May of this year, Holly Hightower, decided to make the move to work with me as a Realtor!
Love, Love, Love Holly!

We are becoming quite a "Pair"... liken this to a smooth, creamy, chocolate sauce drizzled over a "Pear", with scrumptious
whip cream.  We mesh together, oh, so well!

Then there are days, when the "Pear" gets a good ole dose of carmelization!  Nerves on end, dealing with money and
people, sometimes, do not mix.
See the sweet raspberries circling the "prickly pear"...
Well, this is how Holly and I cope!  We switch places, one listens, the other vents and vice versa.
I happen to be the sweet raspberry today, lol Holly!
So, hold your head up Holly, keep on keeping on!  Tomorrow will be better!

We do seem to work great as a "Pair"!
I want to thank Holly for all she does.  I want to thank God, that Holly is working along side me, I want to
thank Holly for her laughter and her "goodness".  Goodness, doing the right thing for the right reason!
God Bless our businesses!

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