Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Show me a Sign...

So, the first thing I read this morning, was an email, entitled, "Show me a sign..."
Before I go on, I want to preface this blogpost.  Last night, I worked late, it was a hard end of the day.  Unhappy people, I was tired.  Seems all I do in real estate anymore, is mediate.  I was not physically tired, just mentally exhausted.  So, when I read the email, show me a sign, I prayed this sentence in the email, "show me a small sign of your favor on my life". 
Psalm 86:16-17
"Turn to me and have mercy on me;
show your strength in behalf of your servant;
save me, because I serve you
just as my mother did.
Give me a sign of your goodness,
that my enemies may see it and be put to shame,
for you, Lord, have helped me and comforted me."
So, off to work I went.  I had a great morning.  Listed a house, helping an old friend,  and on top of that Holly assisting is always fun.  My appointment at lunch was a Chamber of Commerce luncheon.  I really did not have time to go, but I went.  The luncheon was held at UT Tyler, and it was a sports theme.  I thought to myself, omg, I have so much to do, and the last thing I want to do is listen to a sports fanatic.  I live with one 100% of the time..... lol
Lunch was good.  Then, I realized, it was football, and the football legend, Earl Campbell was making an appearance.  I perked up.  :)  The invocation was led by the headmaster of a school in Tyler.  In his prayer, I was already tearing up.  He quoted Romans 12:1, in short, being a living sacrifice, and he said, "don't quit".  That's all I heard, "don't quit".  My sign just appeared, I was looking for a sign.  I had prayed for a sign.
So, at this point, God had my attention.  The next person on the program was young, former football player.  He probably gave one of the best, short speech's I have heard in a long time.  These were his points.
*  Dream Big- work hard
*  Choices- everyone has choices.  You can choose the good, your choice.
*  Positive- if you choose to be around positive people, you will have positive results.
Never Quit
*  Education- never stop learning
*  God First Always!
There is my sign again.  I'm listening God.
So, yes, I thought today's lunch was a waste, but God knew differently.
And, Yes, I am stilled tired, but I will persevere.  I will get through the hard times.  I will learn from the hard times!  Thank you Lord, that I have the ability to listen and learn.  Thank you Lord, that I have a job.  Thank you Lord that I can pray to you, no matter the circumstance.  Thank you Lord, for positive influences in my life. 
God showed me favor today.  I think he may have said "here's your sign". :)


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