Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happy 70th Birthday Daddy, August 6 2012...

We celebrated my daddy's 70th birthday Saturday  night... just a few pics, these are unedited pics, this is real life folks... lol
My daddy with my sister's kids from California...Kennedi, Daddy, Skye and Rylee...

My brother Lance Sr, Lance Jr, me, sister in law Kim, and grandson Lain...

My brother Lance Sr, his grandson, Lain, and sister in law, Kim...

Me and my daddy's prized possession, Latte... we know our places... lol

My brother Lance Sr, and his son, Lance Jr.

My brother's youngest son, Luke, (I don't have his wife, Taylor and Lain in this pic), and my Lauren... Greg is to the right hidden. Ahhhhh..... sorry G...

My brother's son, Lance Jr and his wife, Ashley.  Expecting any day now... :)

My mother and daddy a few days ago.  I don't have a pic from last night.... ughhhh

My Layton, ice cream and sprinkles...

Me, Lain and my brother, Lance Sr.

So, Happy Birthday Daddy.  We love you.  I know we are missing a few members of the family in these pics, but here are alot of your "L"s.  By the way, my parents, named all of us with L's and it carried forward.

Larry and Terry Loggins begat Lorri, Lance and Layni.
Lorri begat Lauren and Lauren begat Layton.
Lance Sr., begat Lance Jr., Layci and Luke.  Lance Jr. is begat'ing...soon, and Luke begat Lain.
Layni begat Rylee, Skye and Kennedi.
and last but not least, Larry purchased Latte... :)
I am sure there will be more L's to come.  Have fun tomorrow on your real birthday.
August 6.

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