Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hamburger Surprise...

Hamburger Surprise, one of my family's favorites!

Tear Foil Pieces long enough for a pile of uncooked food, long enough to fold to the center.

1 lb. uncooked ground beef
Canned long green beans
Bell Pepper

I divide 1 lb  uncooked ground beef among 3 foil pieces.  Roll beef in small balls.
Peel and cut potatoes in bite size chunks, layer on top of beef.  Drain a can of long green beans and place on top of the potatoes.  Layer a few carrots, onion, bell pepper, squash on top of the green beans.  I use whatever I have available.  Place a slice of bacon and a dot of butter on the finished layers.  In between layers, I sprinkle with pepper, seasoning salt, and garlic chips.
You cannot go wrong, just layer and bake.
I fold each end of the foil together and seal, then roll both sides to seal.
Bake at 350-375 for 1 hours.

To serve, open foil packets and scrunch.  Plate foil packet on a plate, serve with ketchup.
Big and small kids love this!

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