Thursday, June 21, 2012

Are our clients posting too much?... less is more!

I love this Texas flag! 

Taken from the Texas Association of Realtors,
Did you know?
Are your clients sharing too much information?
"Thirty seconds of Internet research can reveal a lot about a person. If that person happens to be a buyer or seller in a real estate transaction, such a search could also reveal motivations and other personal details that you won’t find in any contract or addendum—details that could hurt his negotiating position.
            Buyers could post photos of a listing on Facebook along with comments about how desperate they are to have their offer accepted. Sellers might tweet about how they can’t wait to move away from a certain neighbor.
            If the other parties in a transaction or their agent sees these posts, your clients’ negotiating position could be weakened, costing them money or even killing a deal. Tell your clients to keep their real estate transactions off social media channels. It doesn’t take much effort to Google someone’s name."

My take on this article -  As a Realtor, Facebook and Social Media are great resources to capture and cultivate relationships and leads.
But, our clients need to leave the work to the Realtors.  A client's post could be detrimental to a sale or purchase!   Great article!

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