Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Internet the best way?

Where did TEXAS buyers find the home they purchased in 2011?

Internet                                                   39%
Real Estate Agent                                   29% 
Homebuilder or homebuilder's agent     15%
Yard Sale/open-house sign                      8%
Friend, Relative, or neighbor                   7%
Directly from the seller                            2%
Print-newspaper advertisement                1%

MY two cents on this survey-
Yes, Internet is the best way to advertise.  Some will read this survey and think, wow, only 29% of homebuyers real estate agent's found their homes for them...  but wait,
Internet 39%....guess who advertises and pays for all the sites that these houses are listed...yes, Realtors/Brokers bare all the expense.  So when a buyer says, I found my home myself on the internet, they found their  home because a Realtor/Broker  had spent their time, money and risk to advertise this property.

Add 39%, 29% 15% = 83% of buyers purchased their homes due to a Broker/Realtor being involved.

Realtors are valuable in the home buying process and will always be.  We bring the personal touch and expertise to the transaction.  How many professionals can you call numerous times, at any time of the day, and incur NO charges, unless the transaction survives closing? 

Before I became a Realtor/Broker, I always hired a Realtor... I loved my Realtor. (Donna!) :) 

I want to be your Realtor for life!  Buying and Selling property with confidence, Surely!

This is taken from the 2011 Profile of Texas Homebuyers and Sellers, National Association of Realtors, December 2011

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