Monday, September 10, 2012

Go for the Pearl...

Well, finally home.  I can blog now!  It is so hard for me to blog on the road.  I attended the Texas Association of Realtors convention in San Antonio.  My hat is off to anyone that travels for work, omg, I am glad to be home.  As soon as I got home, I had to see Layton.  We were in my bed last night, I think this is becoming a ritual, bible story, then he sleeps beside me on a pallet.  He kept begging me to read the treasure story.  I finally found the lost page in the storybook,   and I began to read.  It was about a "pearl".  I thought to myself, Layton doesn't understand this story.  But I kept reading. 
Low and behold, this morning, I listened to James MacDonald.  Guess what he talked about?  The same story I read Layton last night, is the story he told.   
Go for the Pearl!  I laughed.  Coincidence?  Nope.
Go for the Pearl!  Nothing satisfies but Jesus!  Nothing matters but Jesus!  Sell out for Jesus!
What does this take?
Lock -  Does your TV or Internet need a lock on specific channels?
Limit - Do you need to limit addicting substances?  Could be food,  sugar, alcohol, you get the drift.
Leave - Somethings in your life, you need to completely rid yourself of.... hmmmm
Oh my, what a message!
I always feel like when I travel, my life gets "off".  I eat more, I exercise less, I read my Bible less, and I pray in spurts!  Forgiveness I need, Forgiveness I have received!
All I need is Jesus, nothing else can satisfy.... right?
Go for the Pearl!

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