Saturday, September 29, 2012

Eye See You!...

My new prize, "Howie", love those big eyes!

Jeremiah 23:24
"Can anyone hide himself in secret places,
So I shall not see him?” says the Lord;"
I read this verse on my Aunt's face page today and it reminded me of Layton.  Such a little snot he is :)  Last week I picked Layton up from school.  He was in the backseat and decided he wanted a piece of gum.  Mind you, he already had one piece in his mouth.  I was stopped, and on the phone, so the little snot got out of his seat, came up to the front and got a piece of gum, all the while I am motioning to him "no".  He bent down in the backseat on the floor and opened the gum and of course put it in his mouth.  As soon as I got of the phone, I told him that God see's him being sneaky in the backseat.  He immediately let me know that "God can't see in the car"!  Ha.... such a child, but I began thinking, I wonder if that is what we all think when we do things we know we should not do?  Just because we think no one else see's us, doesn't mean God cannot see us.  I let Layton know that God is everywhere, he see's everything we do.  He said, "God has special eyes?" 
What do you say to that?  I said YES he does!
We cannot run, we cannot hide.  There are No Secret places...

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