Thursday, March 8, 2012

Resurrection Eggs...

Resurrection Eggs, Easter story.
I guess I could have made them, but oh it was so easy to purchase at our
bookstore while I was at church Sunday...

Twelve eggs, each egg has a prize and each prize tells party of the story...

Egg 1 Donkey, Egg 2 Silver Coins, Egg 3 Cup, Egg 4 Praying Hands, Egg 5 Leather Whip, Egg 6 Crown of Thorns,
Egg 7 Cross, Egg 8 Dice, Egg 9 Spear, Egg 10 Linen Cloth, Egg 11 Stone, Egg 12 Empy Tomb

The little toot can already tell me the story, he holds the booklet and turns the pages, and I now get to open each egg.  You normally would open 1 egg a day, but since this is the grandchild, we do it all at once.  I am hoping that this can be a tradition for us, kind of like "Chippey the Elf", at Christmas.  Story goes as,  my short version for Layton, he doesn't understand, but I am planting seeds, right? :)

Jesus rode into the city as a King on a donkey,  Judas was paid silver coins to betray Jesus,  Jesus let all his friends drink blood from the cup ( he is so funny on this one, try explaining, blood for Jesus' promise/his body), Jesus and his friends prayed because Jesus knew he was going to die, Jesus was whipped on the back and he bled for doing no wrong, a Crown of Thorns was placed his head and it hurt, Jesus died on the cross-Layton can tell you where the nails went in on the cross,  people played mean games with dice for Jesus' clothes, Jesus was dead and they put a spear in his side to make sure, Jesus body was wrapped in a linen cloth and placed in a tomb, the Stone was placed in front of the tomb (no they didn't throw the stone at cars), It's empty, He's Alive...He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed!

I uploaded a video of Layton and me on YouTube.  (tried to video without him knowing)
Click below,

We laid back in the chair and took these pics... iphone pics aren't the best, but it captures many moments for me!

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