Monday, December 21, 2009

Praise you more and more...

Proverbs 71:14

"But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more."

Praise-an expression of approval, adoration...

You know when I was looking for a picture of adoration, I came across a lot of pictures that depicted how everyone gazed at baby Jesus. How appropriate, God sent his son to earth as a baby in order to save us from our sins. Can you imagine, being Mary, holding God's son in her arms, kissing and cuddling him. I have often thought of her, seeing that everytime I see Layton, I adore him, and you can see it in my face. If you look at the picture above, what must it have been like to see Jesus as a baby and then grow into a man. A man that died on the cross for all of us!

On another note, when I read the verse above from Proverbs, I was thinking more in line about how I will praise God more and more and more, no matter my circumstances. It seems when I praise and thank him for everything, my problems and concerns do not seem as big.

As for me, I do have hope-having only positive expectations...


  1. wow,what a testamony,wow,what a precious daughter,wow what a Saviour Dad

  2. Lorri - love this posting - so very good. I read this morning about Mary saying - basically - Yes Lord - when she was told she was going to bear a child - the Son of God. She had so much faith and trust. Believing without seeing...



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