Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Anniversary JB...

JB and I, December 31, 2003, married at home!

December 31, Six years of marriage to Mr. JB... 3 girls and one GRAND-boy...what a year this has been. I think I have given JB a lot of gray hairs.

We are going to Dallas to watch a STARs hockey game and then outside the American Airlines Center is the Big New Years Eve party...I suppose we will be tired by midnight, we old people that usually go to bed by 10...

I love you JB... Love, LAW- just between you and me "3 x 6"... :) kiss, kiss...


  1. aawwww:) happy anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary Lorri & Jason..may you be as happy as your Dad & I have been all these are so loved by so many of us..May God bless you in 2010..I know He will..He's good at doing that!



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