Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Coming home and in between!

Full House  -house on Broderick...

Keeping the exterior front only... Deep gutting, I would say...

Google earth, just out and about!

Top of Lombard St. The crooked street!

Bottom of Lombard ...

Seals at the wharf!  Arf arf arf arf ...
Stinks I must say! My body feels like this today... Too much food...

Lauren is trying to hold her breath! Lol

Jacks Cannery Bar, fun time... 

Muir Woods with the past, present and future president of GTAR.

Alcatraz with my Waller. Looking back to San Francisco. 

Napa Valley with the group!

Kind of working... Advertising!

My assistant and I ... :)

Napa Valley group pose!

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